JS3500 Concrete Mixer

  • Discharge volume: 3500L
  • Charging volume: 5600L

  • Theoretical capacity: ≥180m3
  • Aggregate sizes: ≤60/80mm

  • Mixing Motor Model: Y280M-6

  • Mixing Speed: 21.85r/min

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■ Description

Description of JS3500 Concrete Mixer:
JS3500 electric concrete mixer is an important concrete mixing machine in our company. Multi-stirring piece design and unique mixing angle make the mixing faster and more uniform, which can improve the production efficiency. Water is injected into the concrete mixer, which accelerates the mixing of water and mix materials as well as thoroughly cleans it.

■ Features

Features of JS3500 Concrete Mixer:
1.This concrete mixer uses high-chromium and high-molybdenum scale boards and stirring pieces, with a long service time.
2. Shaft seal is applied with patented air pressure seal, which can effectively prevent the leakage of mortars.
3. Auto-lubrication system ensures the mixing system can operate continually for a long time.
4. Opening gates mechanism directed by hydraulic can adjust the opening angle of discharging door in accordance with the need, which effectively prevents overspill while discharging the finished materials into truck-mounted concrete mixers.

Application of JS3500 Concrete Mixer:
This concrete mixer is ideal for mixing stiff-consistency concrete, semi-stiff-consistency concrete, plastic concrete and other kinds of concrete in different proportional ratios.

■ Parameters

Technical Specification of JS3500 Concrete Mixer:

Model: JS3500
Discharge volume: 3500L
Charging volume: 5600L
Theoretical capacity: ≥180m3
Aggregate sizes: ≤60/80mm
Working circle: 60s
Mixing blade
Speed: 21.85r/min
Quantity: 2×11
Mixing motor
Model: Y280M-6
Power: 2×55 kw
Weight: 12000kg
Dimensions (L x W x H): 4300x2680x1910 mm

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