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The way to judge the standard of the cement silo


The way to judge the standard of the cement silo

When installing a cement silo, it will be required to install a dust remover at the top of the warehouse. The main function of the dust collector is to save energy and protect the environment. Said energy-saving environmental protection, how can we know that it is not up to environmental standards? Is there any way to judge it?
We must be clear why the cement warehouse dust collector to clean up, because the cement warehouse in the long-term use, it will have more internal dust, the dust collector for timely and effective clean-up can be To ensure that the filter has a good working condition, can effectively ensure the dust removal effect.
When we use the dust collector, in the tank before the ash, we need to pay attention to its work process, for two to three minutes, if the alarm on the alarm when the cement tank, we will promptly put ash The program will stop, otherwise the dust remover will be damaged.