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The surfacing requirements for Building a Concrete Batching Plant


The surfacing requirements for Building a Concrete Batching Plant

With the growing demand of infrastructure project, Concrete Batching Plant is more and more widely used in every work-site.So construction side is facing a problem, how to build the Concrete Batching Plant , at a suitable ground.
UNIQUE as a large manufacturer of Concrete Batching Plant and Asphalt Mixing Plant , had built up more than thousand of Plant all over the world.
For small and Medium model batching plant, here are the basic surfacing requirements:
First of all, to strengthen the user environmental awareness.
Second, choose suitable mixing plant site
Choose good concrete mixing station site, can effectively improve the efficiency of the production of concrete mixing station.Choosing concrete mixing plant site, should guarantee the site from raw materials to close, ensure sufficient water, and away from residential areas, etc.If you can make full use of the terrain slope, set the yard on high ground plane of the slope, can reduce the batching machine feeding height, make small loaders loading of climbing Angle or don't have to climb, both to save energy, and reducing wear.Equipment foundation when installation should pay attention to avoid the ground and underground cable, power supply or communication cable.
Finally, to determine the reasonable configuration