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The Specifications of Mobile Concrete batching plant


The Specifications of Mobile Concrete batching plan

Mobile concrete batching plant is a combination of storing, weighting, transporting, discharging and automatic control system with one concrete production facility with a trailer. The procedure, operation, maintenance are all the same as stationary automatic mixing plant. At the same time mobile concrete batching plant have the unique specifications of mobile flexible, quick and easy to unpack, simple to storage and management.

It is the best matching model in engineering mobile construction and widely used in roads, bridges, water conservancy, ports, and other industrial or civil construction.
The structure of Mobile Concrete batching plant:

1. Main chassis: A cantilevered engine chassis with traction pins and legs in the chassis; The metering of mixer, cement and water admixture on the chassis; Peripheral attached inspection of the platform, railings, etc.

2. Control Room: The control room is at the bottom of the main chassis,automatic control system of internal mixing station, the control system is the same as the fixed mixing station. The control room at work is used as the front supporting point of the whole station, and the control room is collected in the inside of the bracket during transit. All control lines needn’t to be disassembled.

3. Aggregate Batching and Weighting system: The system is located at the back end of the whole station, the upper part is the aggregate (sand and stone) storage hopper, and the storage hopper can be divided into two or four squares, with a high plate to increase the storage capacity. The pneumatic door is open in turn and the aggregate measure is the accumulative measure of various materials. The bottom is equipped with a walking back bridge and a working frame leg. 

4. Belt conveyor: The frame is a truss structure connecting the chassis of the main engine and the frame of the aggregate. The main structure of the whole mobile batching plant is composed of the main frame, the belt frame and the batching frame.

5. Peripheral components: For cement bin and screw conveyor, the peripheral components are integral parts in both work and transportation. Therefore, they can be transported and disassembled.

6. Concrete Mixer: General use JS type concrete mixer, can quickly and evenly stir to complete fluidity and hard and hard concrete

Main Features:

At present, the mobile concrete batching plant is mainly divided into traction type and drag - type two kinds, the traction type chassis contains the complete front and rear axle; A trailing chassis is only a rear axle, with a front end mounted on a tractor saddle bridge.

1. Quick installation and easy to move

2. Compact structure and all ready-functions Plant of this model is a combination of storing, weighting, transporting, mixing and controlling. It has features of compact structure and all ready-functions.

3. Convenient movement Adopting modular structuring way enables convenient movement.

4. Ready to run without special foundation and commissioning, which can save installation and commissioning time.