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The reason why the country supports the green concrete mixing plant


The reason why the country supports the green concrete mixing plant

1. Efficient production methods and high-quality concrete
The commercial concrete mixing plant equipment is highly automated and continues to be intelligent. The mixing plant has a high degree of automation, strong production capacity, high weighing accuracy, and good mixing quality. It can end up with more bins, more cooperation ratios, and continuous production for a long time; the ready-mixed concrete production and supply processing in the commercial concrete mixing plant And standardization. The production of ready-mixed concrete has established a sound processing and quality control system for each link from raw materials, experiments, production, dispatching, quality inspection, and shipping, especially in terms of standardized processing, measurement processing, process control, and quality inspection. To ensure the quality of ready-mixed concrete.
2, obvious environmental advantages
High-quality, energy-saving, profitable, green concept-type concrete mixing building (station), strong guarantee for the production of green high-performance concrete, closed-type green sand and sand weighing transport system, the maximum limit to reduce noise on the environment Pollution; negative pressure bag pulse dust removal system, completely solve the dust produced in concrete production, environmental pollution and other problems, useful to save energy, protect the environment; wet concrete recycling equipment, using a three-dimensional arrangement of a set of closed sewage treatment and sand, stone The recovery system allows all pulp water and wastes to be recycled and reused to achieve zero emissions, the maximum limit of environmental pollution reduction, truly energy saving, and environmentally friendly production.
3, improve the residents living environment
There is no need to pile up or transfer materials at the site, avoiding the phenomenon of dirty, disordered and poor cities, and avoid mixing concrete on site to make cement slurry flow into sewers to form blockages in sewers. The use of ready-mixed concrete can improve the quality of construction projects and extend the service life of projects. We can radically eradicate the “bean curd residue” project and effectively protect people’s lives and property.