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The problem of axle - holding in concrete mixer


The problem of axle - holding in concrete mixer
Concrete mixer with large shaft sticky concrete, commonly is known as "hold large axis". In the past, the mixer manufacturer is a headache. Although in the 80's, the basic solution, However, the parameters of the mixer inside a slight change, will still hold the axis. Solve the mixer to hold large shaft, the company recommended in three ways:
1. Try changing the direction of the water flow of the mixer, water pressure. The water must be straight to the spindle, can not have bias, can not be strong side of the weak side. Water flow direction, the pressure caused by the probability of holding a large axis there are many.
2. Try to change the order of feeding, it is not powder feeding on the middle. However, personally think that to ensure that the vote is cast after the powder.
3. If the old mixer, look at the angle of the mixing arm is not changed, it is not, "with bracelets" to try.
The above three methods are used, should not solve the problem. For your question, personal recommendations are as follows:
1. will not hold the shaft side of the water plug a little. Look at the pressure on both sides is not the same. You can also change the direction of the water injection tube to see if there is a change in the position of holding the shaft, there is, then the problem is still water. You still focus on adjusting the direction of water flow and water it;
2. Feeding order is also very important. Try to change.
3. The above methods are not the case, add "bracelet" to see.