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The maintenance method of concrete mixing plant


The maintenance method of concrete mixing plant

 Maintenance methods:

(1) Timely discharge of condensed water,after the machine stopping work,open the drain valve under the gas tank and release the condensed water.

(2) Change regularly lubricating oil.According to the operating time of the air compressor,it runs for every 100 hours or 4 months to replace the new oil.

(3) Clean the filter element of air filter regularly.Because the filter element is too dirty, can cause the air in the compressor cylinder contains too much dust,accelerate the wear of gas thanks and piston rings, and formed carbon deposition affects the sealing of air valve. 

(4) The Cleaning of the paper filter element in concrete mixing plant,blowing from inside to outside with compressed air,the sponge filled filter element,clean with detergent and air drying.