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The development and state of Asphalt mixing machine


The development and state of Asphalt mixing machine 

In recent years, domestic asphalt mixing machine has been developed rapidly in technology and the introduction of foreign advanced technology based on the technical level is also close to the international advanced level, then we work together to understand stirring machinery industry and technology status quo
1, started late, rapid development, equipment design and manufacturing technology to achieve leapfrog development, machine design to achieve a breakthrough, the international ranks forefront of the industry. By absorbing, our asphalt mixing machinery design and manufacturing technology have achieved a comprehensive leap. Currently machine design technology has been ranking the international advanced level.
2, international brands have entered the Chinese market and improve the overall level of China's industry, causing fierce competition.
3, industry sales increased development and growth of low-end, high-end travel market benign, some excellent enterprises in the competition tough situation, against the trend, in recent years to seize the rapid development of China's construction market, and gradually formed industrial scale. But constrain industry profits rise bottleneck is the most critical technology is modeled and copied foreign technology, their lack of technological innovation.
4, did not grasp the core technology of mechanical stirring, highlighting the weak anti-risk capability, enterprises should increase research and development, joint research, for the early with core technology and products with independent intellectual property rights.
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