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The concrete mixer need pay attention to whether the water distribution system is clearance


As the quality of modern concrete construction is very strict, and concrete mixer with a direct impact on the accuracy of the water quality of concrete, so customers pay attention to when the purchase of its water distribution system to cross the border, mainly from these aspects check:
1. Pump flow
According to national standards: concrete mixer water distribution system, the water discharge time shall not exceed 50% of the mixing time, but some manufacturers based on price reasons, simply choose a smaller flow pump, which makes stirring 50% of the design time, can not give Stirring of the material supply enough water, seriously affecting the mixing quality of the concrete and mixer production efficiency, so customers should pay attention to the purchase of the mixer pump flow.
2. Flow control valve
With the time relay control water supply system, water pump outlet pipe should be set flow control device, but in fact, there are a considerable number of mixer with no flow control valve with the pump, which will seriously affect the water supply accuracy, the customer should pay special attention.
3. Pipes, joints, valves and other seals
There are some concrete mixer water distribution system inlet and outlet water pipes, joints, valves and other lax, resulting in water distribution system work pressure loss, coupled with the air mixed into the water, causing the mixer water supply error, so customers in the choice of Should check the seal, that is: In addition to pump packing seal parts allow dripping, the rest of the site does not allow dripping.