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The abstract of the vertical planetary concrete mixer


Asphalt cement mortar truck is specialized mixing and pouring cement emulsified asphalt mortar (referred to as "CA mortar") equipment, high-speed railway construction in China plays an important role. CA mortar mixer is the core function equipment of asphalt cement mortar, and its technical performance directly determines the performance of CA mortar uniformity, expansion rate, gas content, fluidity and so on, which determines the reliability of high-speed railway slab track, Stability and durability. In order to meet the needs of high-speed rail and the corresponding technical development, the CA mortar mixer performance, parameters and the comprehensive study of the mixing process is imminent. Vertical axis planetary mixer because of its mixing performance is better than other forms of mixer, so the actual application of more products. Therefore, the research on the performance and parameters of the vertical axis planetary mixer has important practical significance and broad application prospects.

In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages of the existing types of CA mortar mixer are analyzed and compared, and a new type vertical shaft planetary mixer is put forward based on the relevant technology at home and abroad. The mixer is driven by the variable frequency motor, and the stirring speed can be steplessly adjusted in 200r / min. The transmission mechanism is composed of the upper reducer and the lower speeder. The stirring mechanism adopts the layered and spiral distribution Form, compared with the traditional vertical axis planetary mixer, with a compact structure, smooth transmission, high output speed, good mixing uniformity advantages. Based on kinematic analysis theory, the kinematic simulation analysis of the mixing mechanism was carried out in Pro / E Mechanism. The displacement curve, velocity curve and motion trajectory of the stirring mechanism were analyzed by using the Pro / E mechanism. Analysis, indicating that the design of the mixer is reasonable, stirring the trajectory of the blade complex, covered with the entire mixing tube, and no dead zone.

Using the design of the vertical axis planetary mixer test prototype, the mixing parameters of the orthogonal test and validation test study. According to the results of analysis, the optimum parameters of mixing CA mortar in vertical axis planetary mixer are as follows: the order of feeding is as follows: adding emulsified asphalt, water and water-reducing agent, stirring slowly, adding dry powder, The speed of slow mixing was 2: 40 r / min, 130 ~ 140 r / min, 50 ~ 60 r / min; the slow mixing rate was slow stirring Time 1, fast mixing time, slow mixing time 2 were: 1.0s, 2.0 ~ 3.0s, 2.0 ~ 2.5s. Compared with the double-shaft mixer, the vertical-shaft planetary mixer has better mixing effect than the double-shaft mixer.