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Some working notes of concrete mixer must cause yours attention


 Some concrete mixer’s working notes must cause yours attention

1.When open the mixer power, after the motor normal working, then push up clutch, unload working 2-3 minutes, if the concrete mixer’s drum rolling steady, do not beat, do not run partial, have no abnormal condition, and the hopper working as usual, then the testing could be stop.
2.During the mixer working, the operator must be wear the mask and gusset.
3.When concrete mixer working, it’s forbid to maintenance the machine and stretch out your hand in the drum.
4.If the concrete mixer in full load condition all of a sudden power outage or break down. The first thing you should do is cutting off the electric, then cleaning up the rest concrete, do not on loading start the electric motor.
5.The concrete mixer’s operator must be stand upon the wooden plank operation.
6.The concrete mixer’s power is above 5 kw, so the user must set up the initiator. When start the mixer, if a spark appear, you should stop the initiator.
7.When lifting the hopper, it’s forbidden to through person.
8.In the bottom of the foundation pit there must be a straw bag as pillow of the hopper. 
9.When outage power for inspection, we must discharge the fuse of shift knob, then lock the brake box to make sure fire security.