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Some common bugs in concrete batching plant


 Some common bugs in concrete batching plant

Concrete batching plant is the core of the construction. The concrete batching plant’s equipment condition, maintenance, the composition of personnel, division of labor and cooperation will be direct impact on production efficiency and reliability of engineering quality. Therefore, make an effective concrete batching plant management measure is the key to ensure the construction quality, improve the efficacy and reach a project quality objectives.
Pnumatic system is an executive device of concrete batching plant’s action. It’s main function is according to the engineering computer’s order to work normally. Main are as following:
1.Open or close the batching hopper, concrete mixer’s discharge door, cement weighting discharge door. 
2.Break the arch of cement silos.
3.Mixing the admixture.
4.Ensure all kinds of aggregate, cement and admixture’s accurate measurement. Also finished the mixed material ‘s loading task.
Pnumatic system’s common bugs are main as: gas source faults, cylinder faults, reversing valve, the original auxiliary, mechanical faults.