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Reason and Solution of Cement coming slowly form Cement silo


There are many reasons for this phenomenon in the cement silo, and we can gradually check, eliminate, and finally determine the cause. Mainly look at several aspects:
1. The cement will be solidified at the exit of the cement warehouse, this time cement clinkers will block the cement warehouse exit leads to the cement fell more slowly.
2. The formation of cement in the vertebral arch led to the cement does not fall.
1. The cement warehouse at the exit of the caking is because the outlet and the screw connection is not a good seal, resulting in moisture in the air into the warehouse at the formation of agglomeration. This time the need to screw and cement warehouse between the connection to do this can be a strict seal.
2. The installation of cement warehouse broken arch device and vibration, this can be a good way to avoid the cement warehouse from the arch.