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Construction machinery city, Xingyang Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

Pulverized coal burner


     Pulverized coal burner is mainly composed of chamber, coal pulverizer and igniter three parts, UNIQUE products pulverized coal burner can burn more sections, greatly reduce the coal waste, cost savings, at the same time can guarantee enough quantity of heat, applicable to 25-400 t/h production of asphalt mixing plant (equipment).Using rotating furnace, five duct wind coal combustion technology, overcomecombustion chamber of a stove or furnace slagging instability, inadequate, vulnerable to adapt to the less coal and furnace brick defects.

    MF series coal powder grinding machine is composed of 650-1500, and other models, according to the coal quality and mixing plant production capacity matching different models, in order to meet the production requirements.Our company design and manufacture of the combustion chamber of a stove or furnace, won the national patents, with MF series pulverized coal machine, comparable with raw coal directly reduce cost by sixty percent to eighty, this product have been phrased by many brother companies in domestic market.