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Precautions for large volume concrete batching plant construction


 Precautions for large volume concrete batching plant construction

Major measures for controlling cracks in mass concrete
1.Optimization the mix low hydration hot cement with concrete. In order to reduce the possibility of cracking of large volume concrete, the moderating water reducing agent and micro-expanding agent are used appropriately.
2.On the premise of ensuring the design strength of concrete, the ratio of cement to cement should be reduced, and the amount of fly ash should be added to reduce the amount of cement.
3.Reducing the concrete into the mould temperature, controlling concrete temperature difference between inside and outside (when no design requirements, control at 25 degrees Celsius), such as the lower mixing water flush cooling water temperature, the aggregate needs to be rinsed with water to cool down, avoid exposure, etc.
4.The post-pouring strip is properly arranged to reduce external and temperature stress. It's also good for cooling and lowering the temperature inside the concrete.
5. The surface must be cleaned twice to reduce the surface shrinkage cracks, followed closely by moisturizing cover for heat preservation.
6. It Can be embedded in the cold water pipe, through the circulating water to bring out the internal heat of concrete, artificial heat conduction.