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Outline of concrete batching machine


Concrete batching machine is one of the main parts of complete automatic concrete mixing plant. Is a variety of materials for the quantitative distribution of automated equipment? Concrete batching machine is mainly used in the concrete construction industry to replace the artificial platform scale or volume measurement, etc., with high accuracy, high distribution efficiency, high degree of automation characteristics of the concrete batching machine according to the material grading is divided into two bucket, Four bucket, control mode is divided into belt type and cylinder type. There are two types of concrete batching machine: belt material and cylinder, the upper part of belt is raw material storage hopper, the bottom part is metering bucket, the bottom is discharge conveyor belt, the storage hopper is used to store raw materials to be allocated. Founder of the ingredients be conveyed by belt. Belt ingredients for small and medium sized construction site, because of its small base material such as PL800 with sand 500Kg, according to ≤ ± 2% error, the absolute error in the 0 ~ 20Kg within, so to further improve the accuracy of ingredients, reduce error But does not affect the distribution efficiency, low-speed ingredients can be used, fast discharge method. Concrete batching machine error can be controlled within 0 ~ 5Kg. The upper part of the cylinder batching machine is a raw material storage hopper. To increase the capacity of the storage material, the heightening plate is set up, and the lower part is the measuring bucket. The whole weighing hopper can be equipped with the whole metering hopper, so that the materials are allocated into the same metering bucket. Each ingredient under the door set up a separate measurement bucket, the completion of the measurement of material from the bottom belt conveyor into the next link.
    Concrete batching machine is the main role of quantitative and accurate distribution of a variety of materials, so long as the grain, massive materials such as: sand, coal, grain, slag, ceramist, etc. can be distributed, so a large number of concrete batching machine: Aerated concrete bricks, light wall panels and other building materials industry, coal mine wall construction sand and gravel ingredients, chemical raw materials configuration.