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Keep away from dusty and protect building environments


 Keep away from dusty and protect building environments

Although the use of concrete mixing plant in the building is convenient, but the pollution of the environment is still very serious, all kinds of noise roar and dust flying is like a sign of the construction site, change the situation is not only the wishes of workers, but also The voice of nearby residents.
Now there are already some construction sites to start the implementation of zero pollution, zero emissions of the project, this approach is very worthy of other enterprises learn, the specific practice of concrete mixer will be connected with gravel separator, so that can be separated after the gravel, Use, can be used as raw materials for concrete, and rinse the mud of the mixer through the surrounding water into the three sedimentation tank precipitation, clean up and continue to use. As well as in the concrete production workshop equipped with bag collection system, the dust will effectively solve this problem.
The above approach can effectively improve the efficiency of the work, the protection of the environment, the method of saving resources not only have the above again recycle, but also can collect rainwater again, so that not only to protect the environment at the same time, but also reduce waste water discharge, so do Can save most of the funds for the company to win more profits.