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Installation of concrete mixing plant should pay attention


Installation of concrete mixing plant should pay attention 

Install the concrete mixing station in the mixing of the host, the concrete mixer under the chassis of the appropriate pad height, with the hinge will be connected with the host and the bridge, installed cement scale, water scale, additive scale, you can lift, measure and adjust the host chassis So that it is in the horizontal state, each leg center line and the center line after the coincidence can be poured into the anchor pit in the pit or the base and the embedded parts of the welding.
Install the screw conveyor, before lifting, check the lubrication point of filling oil and grease, to be empty running test, found the problem in time to solve, part of the installation of ingredients, according to the requirements of the base map in place, small batching machine placed in Solid foundation pier can be on the plane, large batching machine requires pouring anchor bolts, the mechanical part of the installation after the end of all the equipment to check all the lubrication points filled with lubricants, you can according to the instructions and electrical schematic diagram of the wiring Box for empty running test.