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Construction machinery city, Xingyang Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

Installation in Oman


   If you never travel around , you will never know how large the world is and so much differences between nations and regions.
   There is several projects of UNIQUE GROUP , which need to install in Oman. Engineer Jason and Fu went to Oman at Jan, 2016 for installation of the Concrete Mixing Plant . That was really a wonderful journey.
For Chinese who never went to the Middle East Area, everything is fresh and interesting. Food , dress, lodging and trip mode are all different with Chinese. The Oman people just drink a tea for breakfast while normally at half past ten will will get some pie with sauce which the local people called Masala. Quite same like the India food.
   And Indians and Chinese maybe the most laborious people in the world since we can find them all over the world. In the Middle East Area , include Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Oman, it is very easy to find a India people,while most local people do not speak English , so get a Indian will be a good helper when we get a communication problem. At the same time, China and India still get the largest population in the world.
It could be 55 Centigrade degree at the summer time July or August in Oman. Luckily we went there at their winter time Jan. For Chinese maybe dry to die to stay in 55 degree, while local people feels no problem. They just adapted that. Maybe they would free to die when they come to China at winter and stay in the minus 20 degree.