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Improve the production efficiency of concrete mixing plant


 Improve the production efficiency of concrete mixing plant

1. According to the civilian commercial concrete mixing plant production capacity and finished product transport distance, line and road conditions, equipped with a sufficient number of trucks, generally according to the number of productivity requirements of 1.2 times.
2. Factors affecting the productivity of concrete mixer equipment in addition to mixing time and time utilization factor is the impact of asphalt concrete mixing equipment production slaughter of the direct factors. There are also many related factors, such as the production organization, the management and operation quality of the equipment, among which the technical condition of the equipment operation, the raw materials and the transportation of the vehicle have obvious effect on the guarantee and the improvement of the productivity.
3. To strengthen the commodity concrete mixing plant equipment maintenance management to ensure that equipment is in a good state of technology, and in line with national environmental law requirements, the establishment of strict maintenance testing system and preventive measures to achieve timely repair.
4. In order not to cause special reasons for commercial concrete mixing plant equipment downtime, there should be sufficient capacity of finished material storage.