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How to prepare for the thunder prevention of concrete batching plant in summer?


 How to prepare for the thunder prevention of concrete batching plant in summer?



Since June, regular rainwater has continued in most areas, and the operation of the concrete batching plant will be affected to a certain extent. The safety protection test must be in place. The following are the lightning protection measures:


(1) Install lightning rods on the main body of the concrete batching plant and the top of the cement warehouse. A set of concrete equipment, the highest place is forty or fifty meters, and the plant is mostly in open space, once a thunderstorm forms, it may cause damage to the main equipment, especially the top of the batching plant and cement warehouse top, this is very dangerous situation. At the same time, the installation of lightning rods is also tricky. It must be ensured that there is an insulating layer on the top of the device to ensure the insulation of the lightning rod and the main body of the device, otherwise it will also cause damage to the device.

(2) Cover the device with a sunscreen. Sunscreen is not only sunscreen, but also dust and rain, reducing the possibility of rain seeping inside the machine, and it has anti-static and anti-lightning functions.

(3) In the event of a thunderstorm, the equipment operator should try not to work outside, and the interior should be powered off to ensure zero starting.

(4) After the thunderstorm weather, check the equipment condition before starting the machine and eliminate all safety hazards before re-operation.


In the long-term operation of the concrete batching plant, various equipment failures and mechanical problems are bound to occur. The related management personnel should strengthen the regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment, and ensure the stability of the equipment state to the greatest extent. Avoid the appearance of equipment failure and ensure the safe and stable operation of it.