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How to maintain the mixing station


How to maintain the mixing station

1. Before work, to check whether the damaged parts are intact, if the damage immediately repair; check the silo, the pool can load, to meet the requirements; check the mixing blade and liner clearance, Weighing the weighing accuracy; check the gas path is leaky, leaking phenomenon, if the timely repair; need to refuel the place to refuel, need to add lubricant to add lubricant.
2. After work, after work, the first thing to do is clean up the work, to clean up the mixing console and mixing the main building and unloading hopper inside the residue, be sure to clean up; remember that the gas cylinder Do not forget to turn off the total power;
3. From time to time, to check the easy to loose bolts and nuts and the feet are loose, you need to open the clean up the place to open the clean-up, to check the liner, the blade wear, to see if there is loose or damaged, To repair in a timely manner, if necessary, to change the new