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How to improve the productivity of concrete batching plant on scientific use admixture


 How to improve the productivity of concrete batching plant on scientific use admixture

First of all, the mainly reason of mistakenly used admixture in the production of concrete batching plant is most of people don’t have a clear understanding of admixture’s basic function principle. Also, they are don’t know the effect of water glue on concrete strength.
Secondly, if we want to correct the mistake operation on use admixture in concrete batching plant, we should take measures on the test link, the procurement link, the acceptance link, the use link, the routine detection, the test match verification and other aspect systems to control. Above this segment, the key to secure the concrete’s strength is to control the water consumption in actual production and to ensure that the water glue ratio is not greater than the design value.
Thirdly, in the case of low quality of admixture, it is necessary to increase the amount of additives in order to achieve the desired effect of reducing water. In practice, purchase and use low content of high standard admixture is better than high content of low standard admixture on concrete batching plant’s strength and admixture’s cost control.
In one word, if we master the right usage of admixture and we could enhance the concrete’s intensity in case of keep the combination cost is constant. If we could do like this, that we can create huge technical and economic value of concrete batching plant.