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How to improve the efficiency of concrete mixing plant


1. Feeding time, concrete mixing plant, the influence of the mixing time and discharge time
Users in the process of using butterfly valves should be inspected regularly and related electrical components, guarantee the smooth operation, powder hopper and mixer are the connection between the unobstructed, ensure feeding
2. Concrete mixing plant of normal time
For mixing time, the user should check inside the mixer blade plate in good level, raw material put in the position, put in the time period, if there is a stirring effect and time effect on axial phenomenon;For a time,
Generally USES the increase of concrete hopper capacity or will the concrete hopper designed storage containers to reduce the discharging time.
3. Concrete mixing plant transport equipment
Users should according to the batching plant production ability and the transport distance, equipped with enough transporter, unapt too much concrete can not get timely transport, affect the progress of the project.