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How to avoid the malfunction when concrete batching plant working?


How to avoid the malfunction when concrete batching plant working?
When concrete batching plant working, we should do something to avoid the accident before. There are some important tips we give you here, please take notice.
1.Daily maintenance is very importance for continuous working’s electric motor.
When electric motor working, we should notice the working environment, keeping a steady working condition so that save the electric motor’s working life and avoid the broken during the motor working. Except for that, we also should do appearance inspection. Checking the fan blade working or not? is there any abnormal vibration? Checking the coupling connect or not? About the base fixed or not? Listening the bearing working or not? Checking the temperature normal or not? Checking the electric current normal or not? If any of the questions appearance, we should do the maintenance of the electric motor as soon as possible.
2.About the concrete batching plant operator’s operation skill’s consideration: There is in substandard for mini concrete batching plant’s operation. But for the complicated structure large-scale concrete batching plant is in high-level demand of the operator and maintainer.
3.The operator should adjust the fit clearance between every parts of concrete batching plant regularly!