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How is the concrete mixing plant equipment automated


 How is the concrete mixing plant equipment automated?

With the continuous development of technology. Today’s concrete batching plant now have automatic assembly line production and be more environmental protection and energy saving after years of renewal. But how is the concrete batching plant automated working? Some operations are as following:
The aggregate will be through the batching hopper to the aggregate silo, then discharging in the aggregate weighing hopper measured. Weighing system will be automatically control according to the data set on the computer to obtain all kinds of aggregates for every time mixing needs. After finish the weighing, the aggregate will discharge on the moving belt, conveying by the belt to the mixer’s silo, then for the next step. At the same time as aggregate weighing and conveying, cement aggregate is conveying by the screw conveyor to the weighing hopper measured. Water through the water pump conveying the water from impounding reservoir to the weighing hopper. And the admixture also have it’s special pumping unit.
All the aggregate’s weighing is through the control system to operation. After finished all the weighing of aggregate. The control system will give orders, then feed the blender in a given order. The main mixer will mixing the aggregate. After the set stirring time, mixing well and form concrete. Open the discharge door of mixer, then discharge the concrete to the concrete truck, then finished a working cycle.