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Construction machinery city, Xingyang Zone, Zhengzhou, Henan, China

Delivery Belt type Batching Plant


Delivery Belt type Batching Plant



A special designed HZS35 concrete batching plant, using delivery belt type aggregate feeding , was installed in Bangladesh, Dhaka at May, 2018.

This plant was made with a Twin shafts Concrete Mixer 0.75m3 volume, and Controlled by Siemens PLC, which provide a much precise weighting can insure the Quality of concrete.

With 2.2m discharge height , to match a 1.5m height Concrete Trailer Pump. Trailer pump can pump concrete over 400m distance on work-site.


Since 1982 UNIQUE started to producing Concrete Mixers, after over 36 years development, UNIQUE had gather much experience and been very professional in Concrete producing and Pumping&Placing, which help us can give a best solution in various situation.



To get more UNIQUE project cases at your local , or a Concrete Batching Plant , please find us.