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Concrete mixing station system


Concrete mixing station system

There are many components of the concrete mixing plant, so there are many things to note in operation and operation. Operation and maintenance need to pay attention to matters.
Material storage system is used to store a structure of materials, material storage are mostly the same way, there are some raw materials can be open-air piling up, but this is only a few. Powder is to use the closed steel structure of the silo storage. Concrete mixing plant material storage system is mainly composed of sand and stone material storage, liquid storage, storage of cement and other three parts of the composition.
Sand stone material storage: mainly used to store stone, aggregate, etc. is sand stone. The composition of the components is usually used in the steel hopper way. Equipment for each storage bucket mouth is the corresponding design, divided into single and double mouth, double mouth in the production of more advantages.
Liquid storage: the material storage system of liquid storage is mainly water tanks and pools, equipment, the pool is the need to do the appropriate anti-seepage treatment technology, in the winter also need to do the corresponding landlord measures to avoid because of ice and can not run.