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Concrete Mixing Plant Aggregate System Maintenance


 Concrete Batching Plant’s Aggregate system Maintenance

When concrete batching plant work, on the bottom of batch hopper, there need be a pillow under the hopper. When cleaning the hopper we need use chains to fasten off the hopper with each other.
If the mixing drum need to add aggregate, we should be add aggregate during the mixer working. Before we add new aggregate, the original concrete should be sweep up. There is forbidden the mixer in the halfway down or start when full lode, except reverse discharging. If a fault occurs in the operation, we should cut off the power right now, after that sweep up the concrete then to repair it. 
When concrete mixer working, the concrete mixer should be thoroughly cleaned. If the drum  need a operator to sweep up, the power should be cut off and should be a people in the outer custody. After the working, the hopper should be landing into the hopper pit, if need to rise up, the hopper should be fasten off by the chain. 
If we use mobile concrete mixer long time parking or use over three months, the tires should be set down for safe keeping. Also we should do well about shaft end’s cleaning and rust prevention.
In the winter, after the mixer finish working, the water in the water pump, water outlet switch, water weighting device should be put out.