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Concrete batching plant to run a good in summer control


Concrete batching plant to run a good in summer control

Concrete batching plant, the summer construction, when the average temperature is higher than 30 ℃ day and night, the raw materials, transportation equipment, etc. The following requirements:


1. Concrete batching plant on the cement, sand, stone storage warehouse, heap yard shade and sun treatment, and in the gravel pile on the water cooling, to reduce the raw material into the mixer temperature.


2. The use of cooling equipment cooling water mixing, the water pipes and water tank for shading and heat treatment, while in the mixed water plus ice as part of the mixed water.


3. The temperature of the cement into the mixer must be less than 40 ℃.


4. Concrete construction due to consider a greater loss of slump, can add a certain amount of water-reducing agent and fly ash to replace part of the cement to reduce the amount of cement.


5. Concrete batching plant hopper, water storage, belt conveyor, mixing floor and other awning, so as not to be sun exposure, and can be used to produce less heat hydration cement concrete.


6. The production, in the shed or the temperature of the lower time or night batching concrete to ensure that the concrete into the mold temperature is not higher than 30 ℃. Concrete transport, the use of tankers for transport, as far as possible to shorten the transport time, but is strictly prohibited in the transport process any water.