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Attention to invest in concrete mixing plant


Attention to invest in concrete mixing plant

After the power failure, the mixing station staff should promptly handle the equipment within the production materials. After the concrete mixing station shut down power, the air control system air compressor has been in the exhaust state, until the air compressor will start again when the exhaust, the reason for this phenomenon is because the air compressor pressure rise slowly, And there is oil phenomenon, indicating that the air compressor piston ring has been worn, need to be replaced. If there is no oil phenomenon, you can put the palm of your hand on the air filter inlet, if the hot air to take out, that the intake valve damage, need to be replaced. If the palm of your hand on the air filter the inlet gas, feel a suction, but the strength is weak, you can determine the air filter is caused by other dust, impurities, need to clean the filter, if possible can also replace the new filter. In order to ensure the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant, to prevent a sudden power failure, the staff need to regularly check the mixing station internal circuit, and regular maintenance, maintenance, to confirm the normal operation of generating