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The 6 key points when installed concrete batching plant


 The 6 key points when installed concrete batching plant

1. The mixer should be set in a flat position, with a wooden mat before and after the axle, so that the tire put overhead, so as not to move around when moving.
2. The direction of rotation of the mixing cylinder should be consistent with the direction of the arrow, if not true, should correct the motor wiring.
3. Checking the transmission clutch and brake is flexible and reliable, whether the damage to the rope, the track pulley is good, there are obstacles around the various parts of the lubrication and so on.
4. After the boot, often pay attention to the operation of the various parts of the mixer is normal. When shutting down, always check the mixer blade is bent, the screw is knocked off or loose.
5. When the concrete is finished mixing or is expected to stop more than 1h, in addition to the remaining material out of the net, the application of stones and water into the shaker, the boot turn, stick to the mortar on the barrel after all the discharge. There should be no water in the cylinder to prevent the barrel and leaves from rusting. At the same time should also clean the mixing tube outside the fouling, so that the machine to keep clean and intact.
6. After get off work and stop when not in use, should be powered off, and lock the switch box to ensure safety