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Concrete Mixer safety operation procedures


 Concrete Mixer safety operation procedures

1. Accurate and reliable instrument, indicator by rubber sheets or electric mixer control board should be fitted dry wood.Transmission mechanism, working device, brake, etc., shall be reliable fastening, guarantee the normal work.

2. Run idle, the rotation of the mixing tube or lobe direction, each work unit, braking, confirm the normal operation, before operation.Below the hopper rises, it is strictly prohibited in the work or travel.Bottom to a hopper pillow mat, clean up the pit must be hopper with chain is fastened up.

3, feed, it is strictly prohibited to turn the head or hand into the hopper and rack, running, not by hand or tools from dig into mixing drum material discharging.Aggregate size should be consistent with the performance of mixer, within the permission scope shall not be used.

4, job, such as the failure does not work, should be immediately cut off the power and the concrete within the mixing drum to clear and clean

5, to the blender mixing barrel charging should be in operation;Add new material must first after all will be the original concrete mixer discharge.Shall not be midway stop or start when loaded with mixer, except of reverse discharging.

6, homework, should be timely to machines, material stock, water tank, the pipe is put, and cleaning and maintenance machinery, cleaning work place, to cut off the power supply, lock the switch box.Homework, deal with mixer to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, operation personnel for into the cylinder when cleaning, must cut off power supply, designated persons outside the guardianship, or unload fuse and lock the switch box, and then can enter.Homework, hopper should be landing to the hopper pit, rise is required if the chain is fastened up application.